Armor All Shield Liquid Car Wax Review

armor all shield

All of the waxes that we have tested out so far have been paste based waxes, there are also a number of liquid waxes on the market that do an excellent job, one of these is Armor All Shield liquid car wax that the company claims is better than wax.

Armour All Shield liquid wax has been available for a few years, it is an excellent alternative to paste based waxes and will produce a great finish on your cars paintwork.

How do I Apply Armor All Shield to my car?

Armor All Shield is very easy to apply to your vehicle, as it is a liquid rather than a paste it can be applied more quickly. The best way to apply the wax is with a foam applicator. Place a small amount of the wax on your foam applicator, a drop of wax about the size of a 10 pence piece is enough and then apply to your paintwork in a circular motion.

As I mentioned in by previous wax reviews, I like to apply wax to the car one panel at a time, once one panel is completed I move onto the next one until the whole car is covered in wax. I then go back to the first panel and remove the wax using a micro fiber buffing towel, the liquid wax is considerably easier to buff off than some paste based waxes.

Make sure you apply a thin coat of the liquid wax to your vehicle, as I find with liquid waxes it can be easier to put on more wax than you actually need, applying a thin coat will give better results than putting on two much wax.

armor all

What results will I get with Armor All Shield?

Armor all shield is designed to give you car lasting protection, it has a unique feature that activates the wax when you wash your car and this will last up to a total of ten washes, so this gives you about two and a half months of protection if you wash your vehicle once a week.

The video below gives you a look at what the wax looks like with a water test, as we can see there is decent beading on the paintwork and it gives a great finish.

How much does Armor All Shield cost and where can I buy it?

Armor All Shield
comes in a 500ml bottle and it is available on Amazon for £11.59, for this you get the bottle of wax, a foam applicator pad and a microfiber cloth. For the money this is great value considering that you get everything you need to apply the liquid wax to your car.

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