Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax Review

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dodo juice blue velvet

Dodo Juice make some amazing details products for your car, one of the company’s popular waxes is Dodo Juice Blue Velvet , this is a hard wax that has been designed for darker colors cars and it produces great results on darker paintwork like black cars.

What is Dodo Juice Blue Velvet made from?

Dodo Juice Blue Velvet is made from grade 1 Carnuba wax from Brazil, it also contains dark beeswax, Jojoba oil and Montan Wax, it has a unique fragrance and smells like bubblegum of blueberries.

How does Dodo Juice Blue Velvet work?

Blue Velvet is designed to enhance the paintwork on darker vehicles it works very well on dark metallic paints like black, dark greys, dark blues and other dark colors. This is an excellent wax for darker vehicles and it will give lasting protection to your paintwork.

How do I apply Blue Velvet to my car?

Once you have prepared your paintwork you will need to apply a think coat of Blue Velvet using a microfiber or foam applicator pad, leave it to cure for at least five minutes,  I like to apply the wax one panel at a time and then allow it to cure for at around 10 minutes, it can then be removed with a microfiber towel.

blue velvet pro

What results will Blue Velvet give me?

Blue Velvet produces excellent results on darker vehicles, it can also be used in conjunction with the company’s other products to produce excellent results, like the company’s soft waxes, one of my favourites is Dodo Juice Purple Haze, applying this on top of Blue Velvet will produce a deeper shine.

You can of course just use the Blue Velvet without the need to apply a soft wax on top of it, two coats of the Blue Velvet will give excellent results. This is a great wax for black and darker cars and it will give an impressive deep gloss and gives lasting protection.

How Much does Blue Velvet cost and where can I buy it?

Blue Velvet is available in a 250ml tub and a 30ml tub, the 250ml tub is the best value as this is available for about £30 on Amazon, the 30ml tub will set you back about £12.

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