How to clean your wheels

how to clean your wheels

This guide is designed to give you all the details you need on how to clean your wheels and also how to keep them protected from brake dust, road grime and tar.

When cleaning your car wheels it is important to use products that will not damage your wheels, some acid based wheel cleaner can cause damage over time and we would recommend that these are avoided.

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How to wash your car, using the two bucket method

two bucket wash method

This guide is designed to show you how to wash your car using the most efficient method, before applying any wax to your car it is important to prepare your paintwork, this normally involves washing you car and possibly claying it and also polishing the paintwork.

The best way to wash you car is to use what is known as the two bucket method, this is a very simple but effective method of removing the majority of the tired from your paintwork.

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How to Clay Bar your car

how to clay bar

What is a Clay Bar and why should I use it on my car?

A Clay Bar is an excellent way of removing contaminants like tar, brake dust and other stuff that cannot be removed easily with normal washing. It is basically a bar of clay that you rub over well lubricated paintwork, as it passes over the paintwork it will pick up anything stuck to the surface of the paint

If used correctly a Clay Bar will restore your paintwork to a glass like finish, if you run your hand over the surface of your paintwork you will be able to feel small things on the cars surface a Clay Bar is ideal for removing contaminants for paint, fiberglass and metal on your car.

How do I use the Clay Bar on my car?

When using clay on your car your should always ensure that the paintwork is well lubricated, the best lubrication is a detailing spray that you can buy along with your clay, some people use car shampoo and water as a lubrication, although my personal choice is to use a detailing spray as it produces better results and you clay will last longer.

Once the panel is fully lubricated you need to rub the clay slowly across the panel and make sure you do not apply too much pressure as this will leave marks from the clay on your paintwork. As you work around the panel, make sure that you keep applying the detailing spray to keep the panel lubricated throughout the process.

When you have finished claying the panel, take a microfiber towel and dry it off, then run your hand over the panel and it should feel as smooth as glass if all of the contaminants have been removed from your paint. The video below gives you a good idea of exactly how you should clay your car.

What should I do after claying my car?

This all depend on the finish after you have clayed the car, if there are small scratches and waxes on the paintwork then you will need to give the car a good polish either by hand or with a machine polisher. If you paint is in good condition after using the clay you can move on to the waxing stage without polishing, have a look at our guide on how to wax your car by hand.

clayed ferrari

How much are Clay Bars and where can I buy them?

The majority of Clay Bar kits can be bought for around £15, some are slightly more expensive depending on what is included in the kit, you can find out more details over at Amazon on some of the Clay Kits available.

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How to wax your car by hand


Once you have chosen your car wax, there are two ways to wax your car, you can either use a machine polisher or your can wax your car by hand, personally I prefer the hand method as the majority of waxes available on the market are very easy to apply and remove, the time that I would use a machine would be when I want to polish scratched and swirls for the paintwork, we will talk about that in a future article.

The first thing that you need to do when waxing your car is ensure that the paint has been prepared, a good wash and also a polish (if needed) will prepare your paints surface for the wax, ensure that your car is dried thoroughly, I like to use a microfiber drying towel to achieve this.

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