Autoglym HD Wax review

autolgym HD Wax

Autoglym is one of the most well known car care product ranges for looking after your car, the company has a wide range of waxes and polishes to choose from, one of their top products is the Autoglym HD Wax, the HD stands for High Definition.

What is HD Wax made from?

The HD wax comes in a 150g jar, you also get two Autoglym applicators for applyication and a microfiber cloth for removing it. The wax is made from a combination of Carnuba wax, oils, saturated hydrocarbons and microcrystalline.

How does Autoglym HD Wax work?

The HD Wax is designed to give your car ultimate protection and a deep shine, it is also designed to last and should give you a decent level of protection and shine for about three months. This is one wax that I have been using for some time, probably for the last two to three years, although I am now using the Bilt Hamber double speed wax, more often as it is easier to apply and remove.

How to I apply it to my car?

Once you have washed your car you will need to apply a thin layer of the Autoglym HD Wax to the paint, be careful not to put too much wax on your vehicle as if you over wax with the HD Wax it makes it more difficult to remove.

hd wax

Apply the wax one panel at a time and then leave to dry, we recommend leaving it to dry for at least ten minutes. What I tend to do with the HD Wax is to apply it to the whole vehicle before removing it as this gives it enough time to cure.

What results can I expect on my car?

HD wax beading 2

Autoglym HD Wax gives excellent results, it produces a deep shine and gives a long last finish, as long as you follow a proper washing routine, you can expect the wax to last for at least three months, this is under normal conditions.

This really is one of the best car waxes available today, I would put it number 2 to the Bilt Hamber double speed wax, the reason for this is because it takes longer to apply and remove, it is also more expensive, but it will last a long time, the last tin I bought has lasted over two years and I still have half left after using it on a regular basis. You can expect excellent results with the HD Wax a s highly recommended car wax.


How much does HD Wax Cost and where can I buy it?

The Autoglym HD Wax is available for about £45, although you can get it on Amazon for under £40, the currently have it for £38.99, considering how long a tin will last you, the wax is pretty reasonable and it also works well with the company’s other products like the Autoglym Super Resin Polish.

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