About Us


Welcome to Best Car Wax UK, our aim is to provide you with reviews and details on the best wax products on the market available today, there are so many different wax products available that it is difficult to know which one is the best for waxing your car.

Our team will be testing out the top car waxes available and putting each one through their paces to find out which one is the best. We will be publishing car wax reviews of the latest products and testing them out on a variety of different paint colors, what may be good for one car, may not be the best wax for another car.

For example one wax may be excellent on a lighter colored vehicle with white or silver paint, but may not produce as good results on a darker vehicle like black.

If you have any questions about which is the best wax for your car, or want to email us a tip on a new wax that has been released please use our contact form.

The site is currently under construction and we will be adding new reviews once we have tested out the latest car detailing products.